Interhome AG is represented in India by Fourways Travels Pvt. Ltd. - the retail division of Zaka Group. The focus is on various creative ways of portfolio management. Currently the team handles sales, operations and marketing for Interhome AG in India. Website.


  • The sales & marketing team understands and strives continuously to generate business and build the brand
  • On field and frequent sales meetings is a priority for the team, in order to build a strong base and rapport for the product
  • Sales visits are not only restricted to metro cities across India but equal attention is rendered to Tier II and Tier III cities to spread further awareness
  • Regular presentations and product trainings for frontline staff is put into action
  • Updates on the latest product news and information is imparted
  • Tele sales and follow ups are an integral part of our sales and marketing plan


  • Digital Marketing is the future of marketing that the team understands and imbibes
  • We invests in market research post which plans and executes an effective Digital campaign
  • Regular e-mailers depending on partner request are sent across reaching our database
  • The team offers a possibility to maintain various social media pages for the partner
  • Running online challenges and contests to draw traffic and gain product popularity is carried out with much ease


  • For us knowing and delivering the partners brand image is of highest value
  • Customer direct campaign are created, analyzed and implemented to reach out to the masses
  • Focus is aimed to build direct relation and contact with customer
  • Print media, Radio coverage, TV advertising, Billboard hoarding can all be integrated to get aggressive and reach the customer directly


  • The team coordinates and arranges sales visits for its overseas business partners when in India
  • Ensures partners meet and connect with the right contact in the trade enabling strong trade networking relations
  • The team is instrumental in organizing Familiarization trips along with selection of right buyers (retailers/ tour operators/ travel agents) which are a great tool to get first hand information of partner products
  • Product specific souvenirs create lasting impressions which can be produced and delivered across India in the most economical manner possible


  • The team is continuously on the lookout and to attract new audiences
  • One of the ways we accomplish it is by attending Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions not only finds and reaches to novel (buyers and suppliers) but also larger audiences
  • We also participate in product specific road shows, trade exhibitions, fairs and events to build and develop the brand image of our partner products


  • Young, energetic, creative team handles the day to day operations of partner products
  • Hands on daily operations by the team helps better functioning with sales, popularizing and pushing the product aggressively within the trade


  • Public relations when dealt correctly help spread knowledge of the partner product and its target audience
  • The team caters to all public relation activities namely advertisements in trade magazines, coordination of press releases and media campaigns to reach a larger audience
  • We deliver a comprehensive public relation plan to familiarize and promote the brand


  • We believe that every product is unique
  • The team approaches every product differently
  • Identify partners requirements
  • Invest in market research
  • Devise partner centric strategies
  • Deliver solution and customize brand
  • We help our client identify their requirements and devise strategies to attain them