For a Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate in Law from the University of Allahabad, Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui was destined to do much more.

A lawyer by profession practicing in Mumbai, Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui was, in addition to being a member of the Bar Council of Maharashtra, also a legal consultant to the Haj Committee India and Mogul Shipping Line Ltd. The Haj Committee India is a government body that assists pilgrims desiring to embark on the holy pilgrimage of Haj to Saudi Arabia while the Mogul Shipping Line Ltd. was the official carrier of the Hajis.

In 1964, while providing legal advice to the Haj Committee, Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui started escorting Hajis to Saudi Arabia by ship and founded a company - Zaireen Travel Services Pvt Ltd dedicated to the assistance of Hajis (Zaireen in Arabic means Pilgrims). Zaireen Travel Services specializes in visa processing to Middle East and Gulf Countries with focus to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Indian government in 1973 abolished travel by ships for Hajis and replaced it by aircraft which is when all the wealth of information obtained during Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui’s frequent visits to Saudi Arabia came into practical implementation and he persued his vision further of exploring different opportunities to bring the world of travel closer to India.

After six years of relentless struggle and complete dedication Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui in 1979 succeeded in incorporating his own IATA accredited travel agency - Fourways Travels Pvt Ltd. Fourways Travels was amongst the very few agencies pan India with access to ticketing stock of all major carriers as well as all CRS systems – Sitar, Saber, Abacus, Galileo and more.

Simultaneously Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui continued to build trust with different airlines, consulates and devoted his entire time to establish strong relation between India and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To create such deep meaningful ties was not only a mission to grow the business for Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui instead it was him simply following his passion towards a bigger calling to connect India globally with different avenues of aviation.

In 1982 he felt the need to start yet another venture as General Sales Agents (GSA) for Saudi Arabian Airlines which is when Indo Saudi Services Pvt Ltd came into existence. With Saudi Arabian 8 online stations across India, 4 stations (Bombay, Calicut, Hyderabad and Lucknow) are fully operated by Indo Saudi Services Pvt Ltd.

Today Zaka Group has more than 25 offices spread across India, United Kingdom and United States of America which defines the only way of sustaining a flourishing empire is through persistence, dedication and excellence.


Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui was born on 1st July 1939 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his graduation by obtaining a degree in Arts. He further pursued his education and achieved a postgraduate degree in Law from the University of Allahabad. A lawyer by profession Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui made his entry in the aviation business through humble beginnings.

An explorer by birth Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui had immense willpower, perseverance and unrelenting dedication towards his vision - to make travel memorable and bring India on the map of the travel world.

In 1964 after obtaining a wealth of information and experience by assisting Hajis to Saudi Arabia he started his first business enterprise called Zaireen Travel Services Pvt Ltd which assisted individuals in visa processing to the Gulf nations.

Since then there was no looking back for Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui as he devoted his entire life to expand his travel business from Retail to General Sales Agents and now heads an empire with 31 offices across India and the globe.

His charismatic communication abilities, modest management skills, outstanding leadership characteristics which mentor and guide his employees from time to time are a few qualities best experienced by working with him.

With 4 decades of knowledge and being on the boards of Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI), Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) and Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL) he is a veteran in the field of travel. A huge inspiration for young executives who aspire to enter and make a mark in the Indian aviation industry.

Besides being active in the travel fraternity, he is a Special Executive Officer to The Government of Maharashtra and an advisor in various associations namely Islam Gymkhana, Allahabad University Alumni Association, Indo Arab Society, Islamic Foundation, Maharashtra United Nations Associations and more.

A kind humanitarian and a silent philanthropist Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui continues to serve the society unconditionally with the passage of time.


Mr. Faisal Siddiqui, son of Mr. Zakaullah Siddiqui, graduated from Concordia University, Montreal, in 1998 with a Masters of Business Administration in Aviation Management. Subsequently, he joined the Zaka group where he has been actively contributing and adding to the growth of existing business for over 17 years.

He overlooks Commercial Performance, Financial Management and is in charge of Strategic Direction within the group. He is also responsible for Leadership Development across the offices in India and the globe.

An introvert by nature but brilliantly updated with the latest industry happenings. He has a keen sense of business and a sharp eye for detail.

He believes to succeed is to make work happen collectively as a team and with determination to achieve greater heights.

His constant endeavor is to create a work-life balance by aligning priorities and he achieves it with effective communication, delegation and focus. Regular family and vacation time is a must to bring this work – life balance into existence. His spare time is dedicated to sports and he is a passionate rugby player. He has represented India in International and Regional Tournaments for more than 10 years.

Faisal Siddiqui has actively enhanced the groups business by diversifying into various channels of aviation and travel with creativity, new ideas and technically savvy ventures Thus creating Zaka group an international travel brand.

Zaka Group's vision is to expand into new markets while linking the worlds of travel, tourism, aviation,
simultaneously making our clients experience memorable and deliver empirical creativity, economic benefits, safety, and excellence.